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USKO Karate welcomes you to the concept of Sports Karate. Our students learn more than just how to kick and punch. They learn self-discipline, etiquette and respect.

Our classes are taught in a relaxed but disciplined manner and are great for both children and adults alike. The varied workouts (Line work, Bag Work, Kata and Sparring) are both rewarding and stimulating.

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Green Belt

6th KYU - Green Belt Requirements


  • Kette Junzuki (Turn & Head Block)
  • Kette Gyakuzuki (Turn & Downward Block)
  • Step forward Downward Block & Reverse Punch
  • Step Forward Snap & Reverse Punch
  • Step Forward Back Fist & Reverse Punch
  • Step Forward Ridge Hand Strike


  • Coming Forward Front and Roundhouse Kick (Alternate Legs) Back Fist and Reverse Punch
  • Hopping Roundhouse Kick, Back Fist & Reverse Punch
  • Coming Forward Front and Side Kick (Same Leg) Snap & Reverse Punch
  • Sliding Snap & Reverse Punch, Roundhouse Kick (Back Leg)
  • Jumping Scissors Front Kick and Reverse Punch


Pinan Nidan
Pinan Shodan

Bag Work


Students must have Pads and Mitts

Any techniques from previous gradings may be included.


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