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USKO Karate welcomes you to the concept of Sports Karate. Our students learn more than just how to kick and punch. They learn self-discipline, etiquette and respect.

Our classes are taught in a relaxed but disciplined manner and are great for both children and adults alike. The varied workouts (Line work, Bag Work, Kata and Sparring) are both rewarding and stimulating.

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Karate Costs


The next 2 classes can be paid individually at £5 each.

After which training fees should be paid monthly at the start of each month by cash or cheque. (works out £5 a lesson)

Membership Details

At United Sports Karate Organisation we offer you three great life membership options to our schools of excellence.

All three of these options offer you or your child an affordable start in our superb system of Sport Karate. We aim to make you feel fitter and better about yourself and at the same time learn what could be a valuable form of self-defence.

Bronze Membership - £45

Life membership, quality full cotton karate suit. ( required iron )
(white jacket and black trousers)

Silver Membership - £59 (recommended)

Life membership, superb quality black poly-cotton karate suit. ( non iron ) 
Comes with club badge.

Gold Membership - £79

Life membership, superb quality black poly-cotton karate suit. ( non - iron )
comes with club badge, and a pair of karate sparring gloves.

We normally suggest trying it for 2 or 3 classes after the trial lesson before deciding whether to sign up for the membership or not.

If you have any questions contact us on.. 01386 831695

Membership and License application forms are available here or from your club instructor


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